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Safety is Our No. 1 Priority

At Axani Bros Trucking, we are committed to providing reliable, amicable and professional services to our valuable clients and our safety is the number one priority. At Axani Bros Trucking, we strive to employ only the most competent and conscientious people to operate our equipment. Our company has top ratings with ISNetworld and ComplyWorks®. We provide orientation and training of all employees in safety and health procedures and ensure they cooperate and comply as a condition of employment.

Further, it is the policy of Axani Bros Trucking to comply with all local, provincial and federal legislation relating to health and safety. Responsibility for such compliance will rest with Axani Bros Trucking management.

Incidents are quite often indicative of inefficient operations which can result not only in employee injuries, but also property and equipment damage, production and schedule disruptions and a lack of service to customers. With that in mind, all levels of management and each employee of Axani Bros Trucking shall make incident control and occupational health and safety a matter of primary concern. This will be accomplished through the implementation and continuous improvement of Axani Bros Trucking’s Health and Safety and Environment Management system.

Ways We Ensure Safety

  • COR certification

  • Maintaining compliance to emergency plans

  • Investigating hazardous conditions and incidents and developing corrective actions to prevent similar occurrences

  • Supplying and reinforcing the use of safety and personal protective equipment, and ensuring all equipment is properly maintained and stored in accordance with requirements

  • At Axani Bros Trucking, we have a mandatory pre-employment drug screening as well as a post-incident testing policy

  • When hiring new employees, they are trained and tested before they ever enter any field work conditions with a variety of on-the-job training, mentorship and direct supervision. This ensures competency on all levels

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